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Welcome to the PSL1GHT Wiki[edit]


PSL1GHT is a free SDK for developing applications for the PS3 GameOS. To run applications developed in PSL1GHT you need some sort of jailbreak or custom firmware currently.

fail0verflow tools mirror

Geohot mirror

PS3 Wiki / PS3 Dev Wiki resources on development for the cell processor and specifically PS3 platform

PS3 Homebrev Development Learning Tutorials for beginning to develop using PSL1GHT Development Community
Multi-language support for the wiki 2011-01-12

Slowly we are adding multi-lingual support. Translations are done by volunteers and for that PSL1GHT is grateful. You will see a language selection option at the top of pages that exist in multiple languages. If you want to help the effort simply copy the page content to a new page ending in /lang for example to port to Spanish you would create a new Main_Page/es. As long as the file name stays the same it will be detected automagically.

Geohot releases his tools 2011-01-09

It is now possible to make homebrew apps compatible with the jailbreak Geohot had released. This is an important process since the jailbreak still requires that applications be encrypted.

Geohot releases his CFW 2011-01-07

It is now possible to run PSL1GHT compiled homebrew, if signed by geohots tools, on a 3.55 PS3, by simply installing geohot's PUP. See . It has limitations, for example ps3load doesn't work so there's no fast development cycle, but it's a great step forward.

PSL1GHT released 2010-10-01

Since the PS3 jailbreak, it's been possible to run PSL1GHT compiled homebrew on 3.41.